a local micro roastery serving the finest selection of coffees sourced locally and globally.

Standtall is an independent coffee roaster in Bangsaen. After trials and errors of running cafés, we settled on our current location in 2014.

We wanted to ‘stand tall’ amidst the turbulence of fast-paced coffee business, and with experience came to conclusion that quality of our coffee and service are key.

At Standtall we unyieldingly serve our customers with quality products. We eschew fashionable drinks in favour of consistent and dependable ones. Consistency may not be as attractive an aspect to market, but we believe it is vital in order to have customers return for the second cup, or more.

To achieve consistency, we carefully select green beans and roast them ourselves to our standards. Small batch roasting also means we roast just enough each time to ensure that coffees in our cafe are always fresh, so do whole beans sold retail.

Your opinion is more important than ours.

We are not coffee institution and we never intend to be one. Coffee drinking is always a personal preference, so we never look down on any types of drinks. Regardless of your favourite cup, please be assured that you are equally welcomed here at Standtall.